Prometeus Insights: Data Mart

Hello, dear Prometeus Network supporters. We would like to welcome you on our 3rd part of Prometeus insights. Today we would like to talk with you about Data Mart. If you missed last episodes or prefer to watch videos, follow this one: validator, explorer, data mart.

What is Data Mart?

Data Mart node is an application which is used for purchasing data and proceeding it to the buyer (end user: some brand or agency outside the System). It allows to browse metadata (via special UI) and purchase any Data Owners’ data within the System using API of Service Node. Besides that, Data Validator Node makes final decryption of the data.

The Node performs synchronization of information about uploaded files at regular intervals (every 10th minute by default) using Service Node API for that. The information is saved to Elasticsearch and becomes available to Data Marts via RESTful API or user interface. Upon data purchasing, Data Mart node makes request to Service Node which processes payment, and then makes another request to download purchased file.

How it works?

Upon starting, Data Mart node performs the following steps:

  • Backend API startup
  • Elasticsearch initialization and indexes creation;
  • Initial synchronization of information about all files uploaded to Prometeus Network via Service Node API and saving this information to Elasticsearch;
  • Client application startup

After startup, Data Mart node exposes RESTful API which allows to perform the following operations:

  • Files search
  • Purchasing and downloading files
  • Account registration
  • Transactions history view

How it looks right now:

‘EXPLORE FILES’ item of the left menu will display the full list of the Data Owners’ files, provided by Data Validators and available for purchase.

You can search the files for exact keywords or click on the tags to filter the files’ list.

Clicking on the expand icon (on the upper right corner of each Data Owner’s box) will display expanded view of the file’s info with all available metadata.

Data Owners’ info Purchase

Clicking on the ‘PURCHASE’ button will start the purchase process. All the buttons will be disabled until the purchase will be accomplished (it can take up to 3 minutes). File’s price will be written off from your balance.

When the file is purchased and transaction is completed, all the transaction details will be displayed and the file will be downloaded. The same info will be viewed later if you will try to purchase the same file again (you’ll be able to download the cached file via ‘REGAIN FILE’ button).

Purchase transactions list

The home screen of Data Mart is the list of all the transactions concerning the Data Owners, which were purchased using the default wallet. You can choose another default wallet (see list of registered wallets) with the dropdown control above the Data Purchases’ grid. It will show you the the list of Data Owners, purchased using that wallet.

Clicking on Txn Hash of any transaction will display the transaction details (the same screen that is displayed when the purchase transaction is completed).

All the transactions are also viewable in Prom Blockchain explorer.

Thank you for being with us and stay tuned for further updates. We prepared a lot of announcements for next month. Follow us on social media to get regular updates:

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The team of data scientists and professional entrepreneurs with more than 10 years experience in ML, data analysis and data enrichment.

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Prometeus Labs

The team of data scientists and professional entrepreneurs with more than 10 years experience in ML, data analysis and data enrichment.

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